IBM Commercial: My Cloud – Virtual Servers on the Horizon Workstations used to be tied to a mainframe. Now they're conversing with a cloud. Through cloud computing, people are able to access, to share and to collaborate over information securely. "MAN: What is Cloud Computing? IBMer: A cloud is a workload optimized, service management platform enabling IBMer: new consumption and delivery models. KID: Its what? MANAGER: My cloud does email. CONSUMER: Lowers my energy bill. KID: Shares pictures. BIZWOMAN: We collaborate on our cloud. DEVELOPER: I develop software in my cloud. CEO: II want a cloud that understands risk. DOC: compares patient histories CONSUMER: predicts traffic patterns. CEO: My cloud is DEVELOPER: Everywhere. MANAGER: My cloud is secure. DEVELOPER: Simple. KID: Powerful. CONSUMER: Flexible. IBMer: Thats what were working on. IBMer: Im an IBMer. IBMer: Lets build a smarter planet."