IBMers on How Cloud Computing Will Make IT Easier IBMers speak about their clients' issues and how IBM cloud computing solutions have helped make IT easier for their businesses. Cloud computing offers a dynamic infrastructure that makes web services immediately accessible, allowing companies to grow and to do business more quickly and at lower cost. [Richard Pina, IBM] Im Richard Pina. Im a Client Architect. I work in the Media and Entertainment Group and I do system designs with customers. Ill give you an example of a conversation with a CTO where we were sitting down having a conversation. He just wanted to know, why is IT so hard? A user does not want to be concerned, about the underlying software or hardware or infrastructure. They simply want to run applications. [Willy Chiu, IBM] My name is Willy Chiu. I run nine cloud labs around the world, working with clients every day. Cloud computing, indeed, is built on virtualization technology that IBM invented 40 years ago. [Kristof Kloeckner, IBM] Im Kristof Kloeckner. Im the CTO of Enterprise Initiatives and my special focus is on the cloud computing platform. IBM views cloud computing as a new, emerging paradigm for delivering and consuming IT-based services. And that means for us that we can bring the entire breadth and strength of the IBM corporation to bear here. First of all, we help our clients implement clouds behind their firewalls, so-called private clouds. Secondly, we build integrated, purpose-built systems to deliver cloud computing both within <b>…</b>