IEEE Cloud Computing’s First Ever Initiative in India Unveiled

IEEE Cloud Computing, a key initiative of the world’s largest technical professional association, today announced that it is hosting its first ever conference in India. The two day high-powered IEEE Cloud Computing for Emerging Markets (CCEM) Conference in Bangalore on the 11th and 12th of October 2012, stands apart from other events on cloud computing in India, as it is the first ever by IEEE and one that focuses on challenges and opportunities for emerging markets like India. The two-day conference will also serve as a thought leadership platform bringing together industry, government, and academic leaders in cloud computing from around the world. IEEE Cloud Computing is uniquely qualified and positioned to play a leading role in the development of cloud computing globally and to help guide and shape its future.

Illustrious speakers at the conference include Sam Pitroda, inventor, entrepreneur, development thinker and policy shaper, Alexander Pasik, CIO, IEEE; Steve Diamond, GM, Industry Standards Office, EMC; Sudhir Dixit, Director of the innovations for the Next Billion Customers Lab, HP Labs India; Vamsi Mudiam, Cloud Strategy Leader, IBM India/South Asia; Prof. S Raghunath of IIM-Bangalore; Pari Natarajan, Co-Founder & CEO, Zinnov Management Consulting; Dean Sheffiled, Global Managing Director, Cloud networking, Juniper Networks; Stefan Pappe, Cloud SSA, Architecture and Technical Solution Design, Services Delivery, IBM; Dr. Vivek Mansingh, VP, Engineering, Cisco and Dr. S. Ravindran, CEO of eGovernance Center, among others.

The IEEE CCEM conference will have a mix of invited talks, high-level panel discussions and peer reviewed papers with a truly distinguished array of personalities from industry, academia and government. All of which in keeping with the theme, would focus on emerging market views, overview, opportunities, issues and challenges, security and compliance issues, how emerging markets are changing the game, telcos as cloud providers, and the role of standards.

According to Kathy L. Grise, Future Directions Senior Program Director for the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative, “The primary driver behind choosing India for the first ever conference from IEEE focused on cloud computing is the rapid and significant deployment of cloud computing products and services here. We also see India as a hotbed of innovation in this area. The conference, by facilitating knowledge exchange between stakeholders, is likely to further accelerate deployment of cloud products and services besides further encouraging current innovations and initiatives in the region.”

“IEEE has provided a platform for cloud-related activities for years. The initiative has helped increase collaboration across numerous IEEE societies besides organizations outside of IEEE. IEEE has vast experience in standards development in this area and we do expect to see increased participation of India and Indian engineers in global cloud computing standards efforts,” she further added.

As a dominant and transformational paradigm in IT over the last few years, cloud computing is beginning to impact a multitude of industries. Research in the field is very active and spans a number of areas like virtualization, networking, storage, security, management of cloud services, efficient cloud architectures, massive multi-tenancy and design of cloud applications and services. This transformation has great implications for emerging markets, which can leapfrog mature markets in their adoption of cloud computing and mobile technologies – introduction of unique services that can transform the lives of billions, driving a much larger scale of adoption, challenging existing price points and addressing unique challenges in areas like security and user interfaces.

For more information on the IEEE Cloud Computing for Emerging Markets (CCEM) Conference and how to register do visit: The early registration deadline is 14th September. More information about the IEEE Cloud Computing initiative, please visit