iFollowOffice Turns to Virtual Bridges and Savvis for On-Demand Virtual Desktop Services

Virtual Bridges, Inc. today announced that iFollowOffice has turned to the recently launched joint offering by Savvis, a CenturyLink company and global leader in cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for enterprises, and Virtual Bridges to provide on-demand managed VDI services to UK clients. With Savvis managed hosting and VERDE VDI Gen2, iFollowOffice customers can reduce the cost and complexity of managing desktops, while minimizing security concerns and business risk.

Savvis and Virtual Bridges partnered earlier this year to deliver virtual desktop management and provisioning capabilities as an on-demand solution to organizations worldwide. With Savvis’ managed hosting platform and VERDE, organizations looking for on-demand managed VDI services now have access to an enterprise-class hosting and cloud infrastructure. Using the joint solution, clients can easily scale their environment to meet fluctuating business demands without sacrificing security or performance, regardless of whether the solution is deployed on a client’s own infrastructure, hosted or delivered as a service by Savvis.

“Savvis and Virtual Bridges understand the needs of global businesses and have created a real alternative to the traditional, painful process of managing desktops,” said Simon Osman, CEO at iFollowOffice. “Working with Savvis and Virtual Bridges, iFollowOffice can now drastically reduce costs and challenges associated with provisioning, updating and securing PC environments for our customers.”

As the industry’s only VDI Gen2 solution, VERDE is designed for organizations that want to escape the constraints of physical computing, simplify desktop management, improve security and increase business agility. Organizations can manage desktops centrally, while users can access both Windows and Linux desktops from any location or device — including PCs, tablets, smartphones, laptops and thin clients.

“When we partnered with Savvis, we saw a significant opportunity to accelerate the market for hosted VDI,” said Jim Curtin, president and CEO at Virtual Bridges. “Together with Savvis, we’re thrilled to provide the technology that enables iFollowOffice to help customers solve today’s most critical desktop management challenges.”

“Businesses today want affordable solutions that are easy to manage and proven to work. Our partnership with Virtual Bridges combines enterprise-grade infrastructure services with second generation VDI solutions,” said Jaywant Rao, vice president, global alliances at Savvis. “The result is a high-value VDI service that is helping organizations like iFollowOffice transform desktop TCO for their clients.”