Industry First Out of Band Cloud

Safe Frontier today announced details of its Active Management Cloud (AMC) – industry first, infrastructure as a service for “beyond the operating system” management of Intel® vPro™ computers. AMC extends fully featured Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) into the Cloud and on to Internet devices, outside of corporate networks, making it mobility viable and cost efficient for large and small organizations.

“Our development has come a long way and I would like to thank Intel for making this remarkable technology available. I believe that Active Management Cloud will help large and small businesses to fully benefit from Intel® AMT. The new delivery model has potential to significantly broaden the application of Intel® AMT within and outside the IT security and management space. It should also help medium and small businesses adopt Intel® vPro™,” stated Gary Schulman, CEO of Safe Frontier.

Intel® AMT is a set of hardware-based capabilities that enhance security and provide independent of the operating system (out-of-band) remote management of desktops, notebooks, kiosks, vending, medical and other equipment with Intel® vPro™ processors. Key features include: Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) remote control, booting device over network, remote power on/off/reboot, remote access to BIOS settings, system defense, and others.

Safe Frontier’s Active Management Cloud features new out-of-band Intel® AMT delivery and infrastructure concepts.

  1. Geo-independent, optimized for mobility, globally distributed cloud infrastructure-as-a-service.
  2. Fully featured Intel® AMT delivered over the Internet, outside of corporate networks, with secure over the Internet device provisioning, including “Zero-Touch”.
  3. Multi-tenant out-of-band channel – several independent service providers can connect to a single device. Infrastructure and device level access control that allows administrators to individually manage connections through a web based interface.
  4. Support for Intel® AMT 7+ (limited support for older versions).
  5. Public and Private Cloud deployment.

More information about Active Management Cloud is available at:

AMC is currently in Beta and available to Safe Frontier OEM Partners. It is expected to be released soon. Please contact Safe Frontier for details about its Early Adopter Program.

Safe Frontier recently launched an Out of Band Manager Demo – a functional online demonstration. Administrators can provision devices and test certain Intel® AMT functionality designed to operate independently from corporate networks. More information about the Out of Band Manager Demo is available at:

About Safe Frontier
Safe Frontier is a mobility and security solutions provider headquartered in Washington, D.C. Serving the industry since 2008, Safe Frontier is recognized for state of the art information risk management systems and unmatched field expertise. Safe Frontier is a pioneer in providing Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) over the Internet-as-a-service – industry first Out of Band Cloud.