Ixia Leverages Virtualization to Help Enterprises Ensure Security Resilience

virtualization security
virtualization security

Ixia (Nasdaq: XXIA), a leading provider of application performance and security resilience solutions, announced that its BreakingPoint solution, an industry-leading security resilience solution, is now offered as virtualized software. The new BreakingPoint Virtual Edition (VE) solution provides enterprise IT departments with the same high-fidelity, real-world validation that security vendors and leading service providers use to ensure network security resilience— now in an elastic deployment model that makes sense for their business.

“The pace of technology adoption in our marketplace requires us to change how we handle traditional security testing,” said Jason Cain, Network Analyst Specialist, Fidelity National Information Services. “We need both operational and information security testing of individual elements and cohesive platforms to be available to our whole corporation, as a continuous service, rather than as a gateway or milestone in a project plan.”

The BreakingPoint solution is a market-proven solution that provides the scale and realism needed by network equipment manufacturers and large enterprise IT departments to validate application performance and security resilience. In today’s world of crippling cyber attacks and dynamic applications, it is imperative that all organizations take the necessary steps to create secure, scalable and resilient networks. With the new BreakingPoint VE solution, companies of all sizes can identify performance problems and security gaps in advance of costly security incidents or service disruption.

“Investing in new security technology can be a messy and confusing process,” said Limor Elbaz, CEO, Peerlyst. “With Ixia’s BreakingPoint VE solution, we can analyze the functionality of network security products and provide our community of IT professionals and experts with vendor-neutral information about those products, helping them make the right technology choices for their organization.”

Ixia’s BreakingPoint VE solution is aligned with the needs of today’s nimble IT departments, providing flexible and shared virtualized test capabilities that can be quickly deployed and scaled across geo-diverse networks. Using BreakingPoint VE, IT departments can:

  • Ensure network security resilience using a virtualized test solution. With added realism and scale (290+ apps, 3000+ pre-built Super Flows, 36,000+ security elements), organizations can move beyond simple functional testing of technologies and networks to determine how they will perform in advance of going live, ensuring successful application and security rollouts. Also, with real-world testing, organizations can find problems, validate what is known and discover unknowns before a problem arises.
  • Enable faster testing with flexibility. Floating licenses scale from entry-level to high-performance assessment and provide the flexibility of 1Gbps increments starting at a $10,000 annual subscription. The BreakingPoint VE solution is well suited for immediate IT projects where OPEX funding can be tapped instead of capital expense for rapid deployment.
  • Reduce cost and help achieve better ROI for IT projects. The BreakingPoint VE solution allows for lower capital outlay by using virtualization that works with industry-standard hardware platforms. IT investments can be maximized with data-driven competitive product evaluations and proof of concepts.