LiveVox Adds Integrated ACD/PBX to Cloud Contact Center Suite

LiveVox Inc., the provider of the Private VoIP Cloud™ and integrated contact center applications, today announced that it has developed an integrated ACD/PBX for its highly scalable cloud call center suite.

The integration of the Cloud ACD/PBX eliminates the need for expensive and limited site-premised PBXs while delivering advanced call routing, back office support and voicemail. Other LiveVox applications include predictive dialer, IVR, call recording and business analytics.

With cloud-based switching as part of its core architecture, LiveVox provides a simpler network topology and faster voice/data transfers to contact centers. LiveVox has detailed this new approach in the strategic briefing paper “How Cloud-Based Switching Simplifies Multi-Site Routing.” Download it here.

“Cloud switching and the LiveVox Cloud ACD/PBX eliminate enormous costs and integration challenges for contact centers,” said Louis Summe, Chief Executive Officer, LiveVox. “Contact center executives often believed they were forced into PBX upgrades in order to migrate to VoIP/MPLS. This adds needless maintenance and hardware integration that slows deployment while increasing cost and complexity. Technology has adapted to keep contact centers more agile through the cloud.”

Each contact center environment is unique, and LiveVox maps out specific ACD/PBX implementation requirements. However, cloud deployment is still less costly and time consuming across an organization than installing a site-premised IP-PBX at each location.

In addition to the standard features of a traditional PBX, benefits of the LiveVox Cloud PBX include:

  • Faster voice/data transfers to and between agent locations;
  • Faster deployment inside and across locations than competing hardware;
  • Greater integration between dialer, ACD, IVR and CRM systems;
  • Burstable line/network/agent requirements on demand;
  • Portable licensing across locations;
  • Simpler network topology via the cloud.

“Call center technology has reached an inflection point,” said Michael Reed, Vice President, Engineering, LiveVox. “Advances in standards and cloud technology have made it much easier for contact centers to leverage VoIP/MPLS. Contact centers no longer need to put expensive hardware or complex PBX upgrades between themselves and the cloud.”