Instantly Deploy Servers with GoGrid Partner Images Preconfigured for Spare Cycle Harvesting, Application Monitoring and Event Triggers

SANTA CLARA, Calif.: Librato®, Inc., a leading provider of software solutions that maximize the utilization of cloud and data center resources, today announced the availability of Silverline service on GoGrid’s cloud hosting infrastructure. Silverline is preconfigured for the GoGrid cloud in the form of a Partner GoGrid Server Image (PGSI) in the GoGrid Exchange and delivers spare capacity harvesting, monitoring of application resource consumption, and event handling on GoGrid servers.

Silverline encapsulates applications in virtual “containers” that precisely monitor resource consumption, up to 100 times per second. Use cases for Silverline include:

  • spare cycle harvesting – where a background application uses only resources not consumed by primary applications,
  • application monitoring and capacity planning – which provides detailed statistics on resource usage and demand, and
  • event triggers – where thresholds are set with corresponding user-defined actions configured to occur when an application crosses a threshold.

Silverline supports Linux and Windows running on virtual or physical servers. Silverline is always available for free on Windows Desktop systems and is available for a 30-day free trial on Linux and Windows servers.

“GoGrid makes it easy to build and manage cloud servers with an award-winning, web-based GUI or programmatically through an API,” said Fred van den Bosch, CEO of Librato. “Silverline is available for a free 30-day trial and provides a powerful mechanism to monitor resource usage for complex workloads that can span multiple GoGrid servers or hybrid clouds.”

Librato Silverline, when coupled with the GoGrid Cloud, allows customers to get even more out of their existing “cloudcenter” by giving them precise control over the amount of resources that each application workload on their GoGrid server consumes. This enables customers’ workloads to be dispersed among different GoGrid servers in the most efficient manner possible, which means they will now easily be able to maximize utilization, productivity, and moreover, the value they obtain from all of the servers they have running in their “cloudcenter”.

“Silverline gives GoGrid users the ability to control their infrastructure utilization on GoGrid down to a level never before seen,” said GoGrid CEO, John Keagy. “While Cloud Computing gives you better control over your infrastructure, by adding the Silverline service to the mix, GoGrid users can fully benefit from increased server resource management.”