MokaFive Introduces 12-Minute Desktop Virtualization at VMworld 2011

Game-Changing Client-Side Solution Speeds Virtual Desktop Deployment at VMworld 2011

MokaFive, known for its innovative desktop virtualization solutions, announced today that it will unveil the latest version of its IT management software at VMworld in Las Vegas. The new release – version 3.7 – breaks all speed records with a deployment time of just 12 minutes.

“MokaFive lets IT deploy the standard corporate Windows environment to any Mac or PC in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee,” said Purnima Padmanabhan, vice president of products and marketing for MokaFive. “We often hear about VDI deployments taking months, which not only creates complexity and hassle, but significantly lengthens the time to ROI. We invite any organization looking into a desktop virtualization solution to visit us at our VMworld booth (#567) and see the difference for themselves.”

MokaFive Suite 3.7 includes a new, simplified install process that enables all required infrastructure components to be instated on a single server in less than 10 minutes, over three times faster than the previous release. As a company grows, scaling the system is just as easy and quick. Components can be added on an as-needed basis. Additionally, a new automatic image optimization function saves the administrator even more time while also enhancing the user experience.

Standard VDI requires storing an instance of each user’s virtual machine on a server in a data center, which requires massive backend infrastructure configuration before the solution can even be deployed. This also postpones any potential return on investment. In contrast, MokaFive requires just one server, which slashes infrastructure and administration costs. A MokaFive deployment pays for itself within about a month, significantly shortening time to ROI.

Padmanabhan explained a few more ways that MokaFive speeds up deployment and management, including:

  • Ultra-fast setup and deployment of new tenants (for managed service providers) – as quick 12 minutes, start to finish.
  • Image creation and rollout to any number of users – 2 hours
  • Full service-pack update for users – 2 minutes
  • Corrupted desktops restored without any user data loss – 1 minute

Simplifying desktop management and reducing IT workload has always been a priority for MokaFive. One of its customers, a managed service provider, reported that it recently set up a MokaFive environment for a new client in 12 minutes. “My previous record was 15 minutes; down from 20,” said Jonathan Boon, CEO of Seasquall Technologies in Seattle, Wash. Boon, a managed service provider, reported that his sales have increased markedly since he started using MokaFive.