Motorola Solutions’ Platform Eliminates Need for Multiple Networking Appliances, Application Servers

Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) today unveiled the NX Integrated Services Platform – including the NX 4500 and NX 6500 – to simplify retailers’ deployment and management of branch office networking and communications. This new branch office solution allows retailers to elevate the customer experience while reducing the burden for IT staff. Retail associates can now have mobile access to voice, data and advanced applications, all delivered by a single platform.

Retailers are challenged with managing complex interactions with today’s connected consumers, to build a consistent brand experience in-store, online and with mobile commerce. Increasing use of mobile devices along with bandwidth-heavy mobile applications, both by retail associates and shoppers, requires IT infrastructure that supports today’s needs with the flexibility to evolve for tomorrow.

Motorola also launched the Proximity Awareness and Analytics Solution, further advancing retailers’ abilities to offer personalized customer service. This solution brings real-time data collection, analysis and visualization to Motorola’s industry-leading WLAN portfolio. It enables innovative, real-time mobility-based loyalty programs and delivers actionable data for improving the effectiveness of store operations, enhancing customer engagement and conversion.

KEY FACTS: NX Integrated Services Platform

  • The NX Integrated Services Platform delivers network extensibility and is designed to meet the needs of the enterprise with both the NX 4500 for small-medium branch offices and the NX 6500 for medium-large branch offices.
  • The modular platform will enable retailers to dramatically reduce telecommunications costs with SIP trunking while still leveraging existing phones and wiring. Initial modules include a wired switch, wireless LAN controller, branch voice over IP (VoIP) communications, radio link for push-to-talk interoperability with two-way radios, text messaging and mobile extension of the PBX to WLAN and cellular.
  • The NX platform supports all of Motorola’s Total Enterprise Access and Mobility (TEAM) voice solutions, bringing telephony to mobile computers and wireless local area network (WLAN) phones. With NX and TEAM, customers can reach the right associate the first time, reducing call abandonment and hold times and increasing sales. Ultimately, managers can spend more time on the sales floor and still be accessible.
  • Capital expenditures can be cut by up to 50 percent by eliminating the need to purchase or upgrade appliances. This solution only requires a single platform to address the security, wired, wireless, VoIP communications and enterprise applications for a branch office, thereby eliminating 75% of appliances. It also provides an easy way to oversee and manage services in a geographically distributed enterprise.
  • The platform is designed as an open, virtualized system that allows easy network and application extensibility depending upon the needs of the enterprise. It allows retailers to add functionality later when additional services are introduced, eliminating the need for individual servers for each new application.
  • Available in April 2012, the NX Integrated Services Platform is being demonstrated at NRF with SCOPIX’s Real.Suite™ video analytics software integrated on the platform to help retailers monitor, measure and manage the in-store customer experience.

KEY FACTS: Motorola Proximity Awareness and Analytics Solution

  • The Motorola Proximity Awareness and Analytics Solution is driven by a software application which uses advanced analytics to enable real-time engagement based on information collected from WLAN infrastructure.
  • The solution enables advanced retail applications such as real-time mobile offers for shoppers who opt-in, a virtual call box, and location-aware task management.
  • By combining data collected from all deployed access point (AP) radios, this new Motorola software application provides users with actionable customer location information to allow more effective engagement as customers navigate through the store.
  • The solution includes a state-of-the-art analytics package, allowing data from the system to be directly used in business intelligence systems. These customer and associate analytics are designed to drive sophisticated next generation retail decision making.
  • It also incorporates an open API architecture allowing third-party applications to use the analytical data gathered from the system. This creates a vendor-agnostic environment supporting a location-based services ecosystem with the Motorola WLAN portfolio. Existing
  • Motorola WiNG 5 wireless customers can use the new functionality simply by activating a software license.
  • Available now, the Motorola Proximity Awareness and Analytics Solution is also featured at NRF as part of a demonstration showing how presence and rule-based push can be used to identify and engage customers on their mobile phones.