Movie Studio Deploys vFoglight for Virtual System Performance Monitoring

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill.: Vizioncore Inc., the market leader in virtualization data protection and management solutions, and wholly owned subsidiary of Quest Software, Inc., today announced that Australia-based Dr. D Studios has deployed Vizioncore vFoglight™ to monitor the performance of the company’s VMware vSphere virtual server environment.

Dr. D Studios is a new digital production studio created by Academy Award-winning producers George Miller and Doug Mitchell, in partnership with the Omnilab Media Group. The company features a permanent studio in Sydney that attracts top talent from Australia and around the world to produce movies. As the company launched operations, the IT team built a virtual infrastructure to support advanced production and software development.

“As we deployed the VMware vSphere virtual server environment, we also wanted to augment it with comprehensive performance monitoring capabilities,” said James Bourne, infrastructure engineering manager, Dr. D Studios. “After researching several options, we found that Vizioncore vFoglight was the only solution that would give us the ability to generate statistics on computing resources consumed by each process within each virtual machine. vFoglight also tells us how well the virtual cluster is performing overall.”

The company’s virtual infrastructure supports in excess of 180 users in three locations. In addition to a clustered vSphere infrastructure, which runs a myriad of virtual machines, the architecture includes high-end networking technology and clustered storage solutions.

“Providing visibility into each process and each virtual machine has significantly helped many of our customers’ IT operations,” said Chris Akerberg, president and COO, Vizioncore. “vFoglight gives customers like Dr. D Studios the ability to peer inside clusters so they can spend less time debugging utilization issues. The software also helps our customers understand what to expect from their clusters, and provides a detailed understanding of cluster performance characteristics.”

To read the case study with the complete story of why Dr. D Studios chose Vizioncore vFoglight, as well as the benefits the organization has gained: [Download not found]

About vFoglight
vFoglight is a virtualization management solution that provides performance monitoring, capacity planning, chargeback, and service management to help organizations mitigate the impact of resource sharing and support key business objectives. With vFoglight, administrators can visualize the entire infrastructure through detailed architectural representations and leverage out-of-the-box alerts and expert advice to detect, diagnose and resolve problems affecting performance and availability. Scenario-based models and predictive alerts help plan, manage and optimize infrastructure capacity to improve performance and resource utilization. Additionally, vFoglight uses industry chargeback models to help track infrastructure utilization, which enables costs to be recovered for the services provided. With built-in service dependency models, vFoglight also allows administrators to define SLA achievement and proactively monitor service health and availability.