Shenick Network Systems, provider of per-flow IP communication test and performance measurement solutions, today announced that it is leading the market with an IP test and measurement solution that can operate in a multi-hypervisor environment. Shenick’s diversifEye™ Virtual Machine (VM), a virtual, per-flow test solution for cloud computing environments, gives service providers and network equipment manufacturers the ability to emulate and analyze real-time IP traffic in cloud environments for multiple hypervisors right down to each individual application flow.

Shenick is bringing the benefits of testing the virtualization of key network infrastructure in the cloud, ensuring that data migration works properly in both crisis and everyday data migration scenarios. For companies that deploy networks in virtualized environments they need to have the ability to test with opensource hypervisors as well as fully supported vendor hypervisors. The end result is virtualized network performance that is more reliable with greater visibility of issues in virtual IP networks.

“The migration from dedicated network boxes to flexible, fluid cloud environments requires a test capability that can work with dedicated environments or can operate in the new virtualized or cloud environments,” said Olga Yashkova, Program Manager-Global Communications Test & Measurement Practice, Frost & Sullivan, “Shenick’s diversifEye gives the market a comprehensive solution for determining network performance with multiple hypervisors in the cloud.”

“To test a cloud environment, you need a completely virtualized test system. diversifEyeVM emulates and tests a cloud infrastructure with multi-hypervisors, giving test analysis right down to each application, so that virtualized networks run smoothly especially in extreme situations,” said Robert Winters, CMO, Shenick.

Unlike other solutions, Shenick’s diversifEyeVM gives network equipment manufacturers greater flexibility, scaling capabilities, easier software migration to virtual machine-based testing and the ability to pin-point errors across layers 2-7 on a highly granular basis.

Shenick’s diversifEyeVM is available immediately.

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