Need to understand cloud computing?

As the race to the clouds grows we look at a series of articles on Cloud Computing and how it could be helping your business. Along with the BT Viewpoint YouTube channel the Viewpoint blog brings you regular articles giving you great insight into the latest technology and business practices which could really make a difference to your organisation. Now one thing that business and IT decision makers agree on is that cloud is a hot topic, so we at BT Viewpoint have been working hard to bring you the latest insight and views on the various aspects of Cloud computing for business. In the article 'CIO: Losing control?' Viewpoint looks at the fact that CIOs have less control than they used to not just of the IT systems their organisations use but of the data they contain. But there's no need to panic, there article reflects on the fact that there was never a golden age when you had complete control. Even when you owned all your organisation's computers and controlled all its data, you had to trust all sorts of individuals and organisations including Hardware, software vendors and Communication service providers. The article discusses how when looking at opportunities in the cloud you shouldn't let the illusion that you're in control today stop you from taking advantage of the great innovations cloud solutions are offering. In the article 'It's finally clouding over' … guest blogger John Gillan who is Programme Director of Cloud Services at BT reflects on predictions by <b>…</b>