NephoScale Adds More Control to Cloud Computing with New IaaS Platform

With on-demand access to cloud servers, dedicated servers, cloud storage and an advanced API, users can set up a cloud infrastructure in minutes

NephoScale is changing the way people develop and deliver software in the cloud with new infrastructure services that will enable companies to deliver applications over the Web faster and with true global scalability. NephoScale’s flagship infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings include cloud servers, on-demand dedicated servers and object-based cloud storage – all powered by a programmatic interface that gives users unprecedented control over their cloud infrastructure.

“We’re taking a new approach to IaaS by making it so simple for developers to autonomously set up a cloud infrastructure, that it removes the system administrator from the equation, which means companies can do even more with less,” said Bruce Templeton, president of NephoScale. “The technology we’ve built into our architecture also helps us fulfill a real industry demand by supporting PaaS functions, such as configuring and optimizing an application stack, while providing the additional services and flexibility associated with an IaaS.”

NephoScale’s cloud services platform is built on a unique architecture that is capable of scaling horizontally, vertically, and geographically, and that simplifies the creation of complex computing environments. A core company innovation is a programmatic interface called CloudScript that allows users to provision and manage all aspects of their cloud infrastructure using a single API submission.

“CloudScript is putting a level of infrastructure control into developers’ hands that they haven’t seen before,” said Templeton. “Imagine you’re a developer deploying 10 web servers with storage, firewalls and load balancers. Instead of doing individual API requests for each one, you can now do one API submission and call it done. You can begin to see how this can seriously impact efficiency and delivery times.”

NephoScale’s cloud servers and cloud storage are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no long-term commitment, which enables companies to reap the benefits of increased scale, improved service levels, and more reliability with little or no capital expenditure.

The company’s initial service offerings include:

  • NephoScale Cloud Servers – A resilient, on-demand cloud compute service that is accessed through an easy-to-use GUI or programmatically with NephoScale’s API. Users can choose from several different Linux and Windows operating systems using pre-packaged server images (including 64-bit) and they can provision a server in minutes. Data stored on NephoScale Cloud Servers is persistent.
  • NephoScale On-Demand Dedicated Servers – Servers that take advantage of the on-demand provisioning and control of the cloud, yet still benefit from the security and performance offered by the most technologically current physical hardware.
  • NephoScale Object-based Cloud Storage – A highly scalable and redundant cloud storage solution that replicates objects three times, translating to uptimes in excess of 99.999%. NephoScale’s cloud storage can scale to hundreds of petabytes.

Company Forecasts Aggressive Innovation

NephoScale is a Silicon Valley-based cloud startup founded by hosting industry veterans and experienced virtualization and UI software developers. The company adheres to agile development practices and is prepared to innovate and move at the same speed as the community it serves. It has developed a platform that can scale to achieve geographic redundancy of all systems, including provisioning, asset management, ticketing, and billing, and plans to regularly roll out to new U.S. and international locations.

Availability and Pricing
NephoScale’s cloud infrastructure services are now available worldwide. NephoScale Cloud Servers and Cloud Storage are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis, while On-Demand Dedicated Servers are billed on a month-to-month basis. A low-priced annual membership plan is available for Cloud Servers that discounts the hourly rate by 50 percent. Dedicated Servers are available on an annual pre-pay basis that includes two months free. To set up a new NephoScale account with access to all of the company’s IaaS services, please visit

About NephoScale
NephoScale is a cloud services provider focused on building cloud-enablement software. NephoScale develops on-demand software and systems designed with the mission of building an infinitely scalable unified resource pool in the cloud, which is geographically diverse, highly reliable, and offers unique advanced programmatic capabilities.