New CaseCentral CloudConnect Software Advances Self-Service eDiscovery

CaseCentral, the leader in secure, cloud-based eDiscovery software for corporate counsel and law firms to simplify eDiscovery, today announced the immediate availability of the new self-service CaseCentral CloudConnect software for the CaseCentral eDiscovery Platform. CaseCentral CloudConnect enables law firms and corporate legal departments to securely upload data directly into the CaseCentral eDiscovery Platform to conduct data analysis, early case assessment (ECA) and review, and manage production. Using CaseCentral CloudConnect, clients eliminate the time, risks and costs associated with packaging, shipping and processing electronically stored information (ESI) for use in litigation, regulatory responses or internal investigations.

The CaseCentral CloudConnect software replaces the traditionally cumbersome process of copying ESI to media and shipping it to a vendor or firm for processing, de-duplication and loading into an eDiscovery tool — a manual process that can often take days or weeks. Instead with CaseCentral CloudConnect, users simply select the required files to upload (images, PSTs, etc.) and the software automatically encrypts, transfers, processes, de-duplicates and loads the data per client specifications, maintaining chain of custody and creating an end-to-end process that can significantly reduce the time, risks and costs associated with manual processes. After the data is loaded, users simply log in to the cloud-based CaseCentral eDiscovery Platform to begin analysis, early case assessment, review and production.

“Deployment preferences for review tools are shifting as well, as the popularity of cloud computing in the enterprise market has introduced more flexibility in software purchasing, even indirectly. SaaS review tools, whether provided by a software company or service provider, are growing in popularity as well, particularly for multi-district litigation or heavy serial litigants such as insurance companies,” said Katey Wood, Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Document review is becoming more automated as electronic evidence and search technology move business away from paper. In product integration, data processing for ingest has been integrated on the front end of some tools to minimize manual effort and the complexity experienced with multiple data environments.”1

The new CaseCentral CloudConnect software complements a cadre of existing self-service capabilities, such as self-service ECA, review and production. CaseCentral’s self-service capabilities empower counsel at any size company or law firm to manage parts of the process in-house, without the dependence on support staff, external vendors or law firms. Organizations benefit from the speedy availability of data in the CaseCentral eDiscovery Platform and reduced errors inherent in a manual process. Administrators at companies that choose CaseCentral to address eDiscovery as a strategic business process, rather than an event-based activity, can authorize local counsel to load data on one case, while ensuring best practice specifications and standards are followed. And data loaded for one case becomes available for use in other cases, as needed.

Benefits of the CaseCentral CloudConnect software include:

  • Automates the transfer and processing of a selection of files, such as images, loose files and PSTs. Data is encrypted in transit and the process is fully audited from start to finish.
  • Processes data per customer specifications, including de-duplication, email threading, concept generation and near-duplicate identification.
  • Delivers standard reports for full delivery auditing and chain of custody. Includes full accounting of delivered files and any exceptions or issues.
  • Makes the data securely available for ECA, analysis, review and production. Files can then be searched, reviewed and analyzed for one case or many cases.

“More and more corporations and law firms are turning to Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, such as CaseCentral, for managing eDiscovery in-house. This is creating the need for more self-service, integration and automation,” said Steve d’Alencon, vice president of product management and marketing, CaseCentral. “The CaseCentral CloudConnect software is another example of how CaseCentral is leading the eDiscovery automation and self-service movement to control the cost, and reduce the risk and time of conducting eDiscovery.”

CaseCentral Connector for Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery
The CaseCentral CloudConnect software complements the previously-released CaseCentral Connector for Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator that integrates Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator and the CaseCentral eDiscovery Platform.