ServInt Introduces New Flex TwoCore and Flex ThreeCore Semi-Dedicated, Fully Managed Servers

ServInt, a pioneering provider of managed cloud hosting for enterprises worldwide, today introduced its new line of fully managed servers under the Flex TwoCore...

Marvell Announces World’s First Native PCIe SSD Controller for Modular Scalability

Marvell (Nasdaq: MRVL), a worldwide leader in integrated silicon solutions, today announced the MarvellĀ® 88NV9145, the world's first modularly scalable native PCIe SSD controller...

Virtualization & Vulnerability: Changing Server Market in Economic Downturn

Modest industry spending rebound leaves Oracle at its weakest point in recent history; Dell makes a rating jump. TheInfoPro, an independent research and advisory company for the IT industry, today released its latest server study, which yields some surprising results.

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