Nexenta Lands in China’s Cloud Valley

Nexenta® Systems, the world leader in OpenStorage solutions, today announced that the company had signed an agreement to base its Greater China presence in Beijing’s Cloud Valley. Nexenta will use its presence in Cloud Valley to support its growing ranks of customers and partners.

Cloud Valley is a 7,000-square-meter technology campus and the creation of Edward Tian, widely regarded as the father of China’s internet. Cloud Valley combines investment, technology development, R&D, product development, manufacturing and systems integration to address the cloud computing market in China and abroad.

Nexenta intends to leverage Cloud Valley’s extensive resources and unique positioning as a cloud business platform in China in order to build out its local market presence, and offer the same affordable OpenStorage solutions, via its NexentaStor™ product, that it has been offering in other parts of the world.

“We welcome Nexenta as part of Cloud Valley’s ecosystem in order to strengthen its Cloud Storage vendor presence,” said Tian, “and we welcome them as part of our efforts to increase cooperation between Silicon Valley and China.”

“This opportunity could not be more perfect,” said Evan Powell, CEO of Nexenta. “Cloud Valley provides the infrastructure we need to rapidly capitalize on the opportunity in China. It also provides a community of companies that will make it easy to build long-term sustainable partnerships in the region.”