NexGen Storage Delivers the First Midrange SAN with Fusion ioMemory

NexGen Storage today announced that it is teaming up with Fusion-io deliver the industry’s first Fusion-powered, midrange storage area network (SAN) designed for business critical virtualization.

With the integration of the Fusion ioDrive into the NexGen SAN, customers can extend low latency Fusion-io performance and implement virtual machine high availability for any application connected to the SAN. The NexGen n5 Storage System enables customers to share the performance of Fusion-io with all servers connected to the SAN while implementing virtual machine high availability with VMware HA, VMware FT, Microsoft Hyper-V Quick Migration and Live Migration. Further, by combining the industry-leading performance of Fusion ioMemory with NexGen’s patent-pending Phased Data Reduction, the NexGen system delivers higher virtual machine storage density, resulting in up to 90 percent storage operating expense savings when compared with 15K RPM disk drive solutions.

“NexGen Storage has architected a unique mid-market SAN solution that takes full advantage of ioMemory’s performance potential,” said Will Hall, vice president of OEM sales at Fusion-io. “By eliminating the performance bottlenecks of solid-state drives with ioMemory, NexGen delivers outstanding SAN performance control and efficiency. Our collaboration with NexGen enables customers to not only meet their business objectives, but also unlock the capabilities of their data center to discover new possibilities.”

“NexGen will give us the ability to automate our data processing jobs so we can create information faster. The ability to move blocks in real-time to and from Fusion-io in a shared storage system based on performance quality of service is a break-through innovation,” said Derek Balling, data center manager at

The collaboration between NexGen and Fusion-io includes an OEM agreement that integrates Fusion-io technology in every NexGen n5 Storage System for industry-leading performance. NexGen Storage and Fusion-io will also engage in joint sales and marketing activities to bring the power of the NexGen Fusion-powered SAN solution to customers. Customers will be able to extend virtualization to business critical applications, as well as to achieve very high virtual machine storage density.

“We are seeing the NexGen system perform up to 15 times faster than other competitive solutions,” said Rick Joslin, network/server administrator, Wyoming Department of Health.

“We are excited to collaborate with Fusion-io to bring the market-leading technology that powers dynamic organizations, ranging from the largest web properties to many leading financial organizations, to more mainstream data centers,” said John Spiers, chief executive officer and founder, NexGen Storage. “Fusion’s proven technology platform enables organizations to reap tremendous utilization, low latency performance, and efficiency advantages within the server environment. Through our new OEM agreement, we are now able to bring those advantages and more to shared storage infrastructures.”

To learn more, attend “The First Fusion-powered Midrange SAN” joint live webinar on December 13, 2011 at 11am ET. Register here.

About NexGen Storage
NexGen Storage allows IT organizations to take control of storage performance so they can virtualize business critical applications with confidence. NexGen is the first shared storage system that provides complete control over performance and the highest virtual machine storage density in the industry. NexGen systems transform how performance is managed with the ability to provision performance just like capacity and to maintain those levels with quality of service (QoS), and service levels. Committed to channel success, NexGen provides reseller partners registered deal protection and rich margins on every opportunity.