Nimbula Offers to Help Public Cloud Users Migrate to Private or Hybrid Clouds

Nimbula, the Cloud Operating System Company, today announced the launch of the Nimbula Cloud Migration Service, its newest professional services offering for customers looking to migrate from the public cloud to private or hybrid clouds.

Many customers start their online operations on a public cloud infrastructure like Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) because they cannot afford the capital investment required for building their own infrastructure and/or to accommodate the rapid scale demands during their early vertical growth phase. After the initial growth phase and as they have gained a better understanding of workload characteristics during this process, they often look to own a portion of the equipment in order to significantly reduce their operating expense and to build their own internal cloud to compliment their EC2 cloud footprint.

“Customers love the flexibility and self-service aspects of public clouds such as Amazon EC2,” said Nishan Sathyanarayan, Director of Professional Services at Nimbula. “They often want those same benefits and control in a deployment model that uses both their own and public infrastructure. The only way to achieve the proper cloud economics in that case is to leverage commodity clouds and layer infrastructure and application services on top of them. By providing the technical design and migration plan, our customers can confidently execute a seamless migration into a robust and cost-effective private or hybrid cloud solution and balance their investment in public clouds.”

For those customers who are just getting started with cloud services or are ready to decisively execute a cloud migration strategy to regain control of their public cloud use, Nimbula’s Cloud Migration Service offering will help customers design and build a commodity cloud inside their enterprise without any of the expensive investments usually associated with traditional premium “enterprise” clouds.

Since every customer has unique infrastructure and application pain points to address, Nimbula has a series of private and hybrid cloud professional services offerings for customers looking for an end to end approach to address their cloud needs that delivers immediate operational and financial benefits. Each includes a comprehensive plan that includes technical and operational analysis so that Nimbula’s professional services team can help each customer develop and deploy the most effective cloud strategy. One of these offerings is Nimbula Director Jumpstart package which is designed to help customers make the most of their existing or future cloud investments.