nivio Offers Windows + Office and Your Favorite Apps on Any Connected Device

nivio today announced beta registration for a fully functional Windows desktop from the Cloud. On nivio, users have access to an App-Store where they can rent applications, such as the complete Microsoft productivity suite, and take advantage of 10GB of upgradeable, free synchronized storage. nivio is accessible from any iOS, Android, Mac, Windows or Linux device, including iPads, Android tablets, PCs and laptops.

Awarded the Prestigious Technology Pioneer Award in 2009 by the World Economic Forum, nivio is bringing the magic back to computing with easy to use, inexpensive software for any device.

“2012 won’t be like any other year; it will be the year your desktop moves to the cloud; the year you find your freedom,” said nivio Co-Founder & Chief Wizard, Sachin Dev Duggal. “nivio is a global start-up that’s bringing the cloud down to earth. With trusted, world class cloud platform partners such as Rackspace and Wyse, we are able to offer a cloud desktop solution unlike any other to our customers around the globe.”

With nivio, users gain access to their applications, data and desktop in the cloud, ubiquitously from any device. Using nivio, there is no need to worry about what’s under the hood; nivio eliminates concerns about software upgrades, viruses and storage. Users can access nivio through a range of optimized, downloadable client applications or directly using HTML 5 browsers, including the Google Chromebook. nivio’s patent-pending cloud delivery model matches each device to the most efficient client, so performance is fast and reliable.

“Leveraging the power of nivio’s pioneering platform and business model along with our Cloud Servers and hybrid delivery model will enhance nivio’s ability to rapidly scale in the emerging desktop as a service market, while helping them set the pace for innovation,” said Lew Moorman, President of Rackspace. “The nivio platform truly pushes every part of the Rackspace infrastructure to a new level and we are thrilled to work with such an exciting team and unique service – this is definitely a growing space to watch.”

On the nivio nDrive, users can create a document using their laptop, save it, then edit it with their iPad at home or work offline and synch the files later. nDrive lets you share files, pictures and other docs with friends and coworkers. The nDesktop allows users to switch on and access a full windows desktop from all their devices in less than 30 seconds. Users also benefit from the nApp Store, nivio’s on-demand App-Store that delivers full function productivity of the world’s most popular applications, such as Microsoft Office. With nivio, users pay for the software and storage they need, as they need it.

The company’s strategic partners include Rackspace, the service leader in cloud computing; Wyse, the global leader in cloud client computing; and Quest, which manages IT for more than 100,000 customers worldwide. With the support of these partners, nivio’s cloud infrastructure is powerful, reliable and secure, and ensures each nivio desktop will always be available and efficient when you need it.

“With successful trials in Europe and India, nivio is an experienced provider of cloud desktops, and the only company to launch in the U.S. a complete solution for users to migrate their desktops to the cloud,” said Ian Pratt, Chairman of, Senior Vice President of Products at Bromium, Inc., and a member of the Advisory Board at nivio. “nivio has pioneered the Cloud Desktop globally, driven by the vision and passion of its founders and an experienced management team. I’m excited to see this new offering come to the United States.”

Currently nivio is offering beta users a special launch promotion of nDesktop for up to 10 hours at $5 per month with an additionally discounted price for students at $2. This promotion also includes 10GB of free storage and nDrive to ensure users can effortlessly synchronize their data across all their devices.