OCZ VXL – VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Demo

OCZ's VXL software is deployed as a virtual appliance on the host server, distributing the FLASH resources on demand across application virtual machines to maximize the performance of key applications. The caching algorithm includes application optimized caching strategies to decide what data to cache on the FLASH. The algorithm is transparent to the virtual machines, which are exposed to a seamlessly accelerated virtual volume. The Flash cache is shared dynamically between all VMs, and the caching software ensures that the Flash cache is optimally utilized at all times, regardless of how many VMs are running concurrently. In the VXL solution no guest virtual machine agents are require. The VXL iSCSI connectivity enables support of most modern operating systems including all variants of Windows and Linux servers. This is in contrast to other caching solutions which require an installation of an agent or driver on each VM. By combining storage acceleration and storage virtualization capabilities, The VXL supports vMotion without loss of cache.

Source: OCZ VXL – VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Demo (Youtube).