pCloud Reincorporates in Switzerland to Support Global Expansion

Cloud Storage

pCloud, one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly cloud storage services, has reincorporated in Zug, Switzerland to improve service to its growing global customer base.

Switzerland’s central location in Europe, business-friendly environment and reputation for privacy will enable pCloud to better serve the needs of its clients. Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, an already established EU destination for global IT companies, pCloud will enjoy Switzerland’s strong economic, financial and legal infrastructure as well as its robust multinational banking system.
“This move is the next logical step for the company as part of our global expansion strategy,” said Tunio Zafer, CEO of pCloud. “Being based in Switzerland will help us build international awareness, increase our global reach and advance our security features.”

Data security is of paramount importance to pCloud. User files are copied on at least three server locations in a highly-secure data center, ensuring that the event of one server failure won’t result in the loss of user data. Additionally, pCloud’s unique client-side encryption capability will, by month end, allow users to customize their own security features, offering the utmost in privacy protection.

“Cloud security is our top priority,” explained Zafer. “With this move, we can ensure our users’ most important files are safely stored in a place with a robust legal jurisdiction. Switzerland has much to offer, and we are confident that the move will result in tremendous growth.”

pCloud is in a period of strong global expansion. The cloud storage service has grown exponentially in the last year, having recently exceeded one million users.