Will Personal Servers Be Replaced by Cloud Computing?

lockergnome.com Roberto asked, "Will personal servers be replaced by cloud networking?" Cloud services are becoming more reliable and affordable all the time, and the idea of keeping a personal server may seem less appealing and more of a hassle than it's worth to some users. One area where personal servers do have an advantage is in terms of privacy and security. When you manage your own data from stem to stern, it's easier to manage who has access and in what way they have access. Are personal servers going away? Not yet, but cloud computing solutions could very well be more appealing to the average consumer. These average consumers being the same people that probably don't run a personal server at home, anyway. That's my answer, what's yours? You can see and comment on the original question by visiting: www.youtube.com You can upload a question of your own to ask the community here: lockergnome.com lockergnome.com http facebook.com