Queplix Data Quality Manager Demo – Powered by Data Virtualization.mp4

This is a demonstration of the newly announced Data Quality Manager(tm) which is part of QueCloud(tm), the industry's first data integration and data management cloud. Data Quality Manager(tm) is also available in Virtual Data Manager(tm) for on-premise installation. Data Quality Manager(tm) is fast, easy and highly approach to implementing data quality without any programming or SQL. Business users and data stewards can configure, check boxes, automatically connect to data sources and execute data quality in just minutes. Data Quality Manager(tm) runs in QueCloud(tm) and allows you to execute a full suite of powerful data quality functionality. Data Quality Manager is based upon the power of advanced data virtualization technology and delivers capability and return on investment not available in legacy technology. Industry analysts have talked about the convergence of data quality and data integration and Data Quality Manager(tm) is the first cloud offering to deliver on that promise. Find out more.

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