Quest Software Adds Physical Server Backup and Restore Capabilities to vRanger

VMworld US 2012: With virtualization now the norm in the data center, a growing number of organizations are augmenting their legacy physical backup tools with modern technologies purpose-built for the virtual environment. A recent Quest Software survey indicates that 86 percent of organizations use two or more backup products to protect their physical and virtual machines. The same survey, however, indicated that more than half of organizations would ultimately prefer a single solution. Responding directly to customers’ desire to reduce multi-product complexity while still implementing best-of-breed VMware backup, Quest has enhanced vRanger® to deliver complete protection for virtual and physical environments.

Quest Software today unveiled vRanger 6.0, the latest version of the company’s market-leading virtual data protection solution. Known for delivering best-of-breed backup, replication, and recovery for VMware, vRanger now goes a step further by giving customers the ability to back up and restore physical Windows servers, thus delivering comprehensive, single-source protection for both virtual and physical environments.

Already VMware Ready ™ certified for vSphere 5, vRanger 6.0 delivers OS support for Windows Server 2003 and 2008, and also will support Windows Server 2012 upon its release to market. In addition, vRanger 6.0 provides application consistent snapshot backups for a number of Microsoft applications, including Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Active Directory via Microsoft’s VSS.

vRanger 6.0 enables physical server backup by deploying distributed agents that send data directly from source to repository, thus delivering enhanced scalability by eliminating an extra step and bottlenecks in the backup process.

Leveraging capabilities it has long provided for the virtual environment, vRanger 6.0 delivers a host of features designed to simplify backup and recovery of physical servers as well, including:

  • Online backups that eliminate the impact of the backup window on production applications
  • Application-consistent backup copies of transactional servers such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server
  • Full, incremental, and differential backups to reduce the amount of data backed up
  • Quest’s patented Active Block Mapping technology, which speeds backups and reduces storage space by reading and writing only active blocks of data
  • Resource management that enables users to optimize job results by dialing performance up or down in accordance with available resources and bandwidth
  • Native cataloging that enables “one click” recovery by allowing users to find and recover files quickly with keyword and wildcard searches
  • vRanger 6.0 now also features French and German language support, delivering increased usability to customers in those countries.

Pricing and Availability:
Virtual machine licenses for vRanger 6.0 will be priced at $769 on a per-CPU basis, while physical machine licenses will be priced at just $300 on a per-server basis.
vRanger 6.0 will be generally available in the fourth quarter of this year. Attendees of VMworld 2012 in San Francisco can preview the upcoming release by visiting Quest booth 717 on the show floor at the Moscone Center.