Radiant Logic Webinar: Deliver a Context Service through Virtualization

Besides defining the difference between identity and context, the webinar will clarify why context virtualization is critical in the authorization and profile management realm. For both internal and cloud-based applications, contextual insight offers substantial possibilities. Combining identity and context enables businesses to reach CDI and MDM targets, bringing the discussion into the more traditional SQL/Data warehouse realm. But what is context, and how do you extract it from existing application silos and represent it in a uniform way? In this second webinar, we'll see how model-driven virtualization is the technology at the heart of an identity and context service. Building a global data model supports smarter integration and synchronization, while avoiding custom-coded, one-off solutions. Hierarchical or graph–based organization within the model reveals how objects are related, allowing you to see contextual information across many data silos. As we'll see in this webinar series, an identity and context service creates a shared version of identities, and then links them to application contexts across the entire enterprise. This insight is the key to better segmentation and personalization, better customer service, and a quick ROI for both security and CDI initiatives.

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