Rainier Communications Hosts “Future of the Cloud” Roundtable

Technology PR specialist Rainier Communications hosted a podcast this week on the future of cloud computing, and the associated challenges in today’s marketplace. The roundtable panel discussion was hosted by Rainier CEO Steve Schuster, and moderated by Neovise Research President Paul Burns, a leading cloud computing industry analyst. The industry panel engaged in an enlightening discussion about the myths, challenges and enormously transformative potential of cloud computing.

The podcast on the “Future of the Cloud” is being released in conjunction with the Cloud Connect 2012 conference in Santa Clara, CA, February 14-15th.

The cloud computing experts who participated in the podcast included:

  • Nati Shalom, CTO and Founder of GigaSpaces Technologies – GigaSpaces is a pioneer of a new generation of application virtualization platforms and a leading provider of end-to-end scaling solutions for distributed, mission-critical application environments, and cloud enabling technologies.
  • Sharon Wagner, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloudyn – Cloudyn’s powerful cloud cost efficiency solution offers organizations clarity of cloud costs, actionable recommendations for cost savings and maximized utilization of resources in a dynamic cloud environment.
  • Paul Campaniello, Vice President of Global Marketing for ScaleBase – ScaleBase dynamically scales MySQL databases delivering real time elasticity, increasing availability and improving capacity planning, without requiring any changes to the existing infrastructure.

To hear the insights from this seasoned group of cloud computing experts, download and listen to the podcast at: http://www.rainierco.com/RainierCloudPodcast.wav.