ScaleXtreme Advances Big Data Systems Management

ScaleXtreme, the leading provider of cloud-based monitoring and systems management products, has made two major advances on its Big Data-enabled systems management product which will simplify and accelerate IT administration and operations.

As first announced in June, ScaleXtreme is building brand-new “big data” insights systems management functionality that takes unique advantage of the cloud-based delivery system. The new functionality helps IT operators put systems events into perspective and prioritize their work.

This new functionality is available to select customers in early access, with broader availability of this functionality available soon. The company’s advances include system configuration recommendations and intelligent monitoring thresholds.

“These new features represent a quantum shift in systems management,” said ScaleXtreme CTO Balaji Srinivasa. “This powerful new functionality simply isn’t possible from an older, on-premise software product.”

Process driven IT management is quickly being replaced by “event driven” IT management. The proliferation of servers and the variety of stacks makes it impossible to work through a prescribed process in a resource-constrained environment. When emergencies drive work, qualitative validation, triage and prioritization of these events become important.

ScaleXtreme gives customers unprecedented insight and data-driven prioritization tools. The company allows customers to opt-in to an anonymous data-sharing network that gives them the benefits of a many-to-many information exchange. The company uses powerful new Big Data analytics to surface the most useful IT management practices that apply directly to each user. Customers can spot emerging trends and make data-driven decisions about the actions they should take to respond to infrastructure issues.

“Customers are beginning to demand this type of collective intelligence and decision-making capability,” said ScaleXtreme CEO Nand Mulchandani. “We’re going to continue working on this next-generation systems management, so expect more announcements in the coming months.” These features are already available for select customers and will be coming to the wider user base soon:

Configuration Recommendations: ScaleXtreme identifies the most used combinations of operating systems and applications and can advise which packages and updates work best together. This gives systems administrators an unprecedented source of objective information to help drive decisions about endpoint setup, configuration and stack compatibility.

Intelligent Monitoring Thresholds: ScaleXtreme helps IT operators and administrators optimize their monitoring and alerting capabilities fast by base-lining performance to shared historical norms. The product reviews machine configurations and capabilities and presets alerts to the levels accepted by others running similar setups. This can dramatically accelerate the deployment of ScaleXtreme’s world-class monitoring product.

ScaleXtreme plans to deliver a continuous set of “big data” insights to customers over time. To learn more about these insights and to keep up with these developments customers can visit

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