Scottsdale Community College and Xiotech VDI Solution

Scottsdale Community College understands the needs of an enterprise-level data center. Input/Output Processor (IOP) performance, super-simplified storage management, and a high-performance Network Attached Storage (NAS) are just a few of the critical, day-to-day necessities for today's college environment. The need for more efficiency from your virtual infrastructure, to the point of matching a virtual infrastructure to your company's unique I/O patterns, demands better performance, modularity, scalability, and total cost of ownership. Matt Diglio, Enterprise System Administrator, and Grant Gagnon, Director of Information Technology, rely on Virtual Desktop Infrastrucutre (VDI) efficiency to ensure every student and faculty member has access to their workspace as they need it, when they need it. Improved performance and storage insight are at the core of Xiotech's philosophy, and Scottsdale Community College explains how their Xiotech VDI upgrade has improved performance and incresed their overall VDI efficiency. In an era of explosive data growth and increased virtualization, efficiency is paramount. As virtual desktops place a greater burden on infrastructure, storage array designs matter more than ever. Xiotech's Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) delivers the I/Os necessary to keep virtual desktop users running efficiently. Your VDI can run better too – get started now using the resources here.