SimpliVity Launches OmniCube the Whole IT Infrastructure Stack in a Single Assimilated Platform

SimpliVity Corporation, a provider of simplified IT infrastructure solutions for virtualized environments, today announced the company’s formal entry into the IT market with the launch of OmniCubeTM, the world’s first truly all-inclusive, assimilated IT infrastructure platform designed and optimized for the virtual machine environment. OmniCube is a low-cost, ultra-functional, high-performance, automated IT Infrastructure platform that empowers a single administrator to manage the infrastructure, exclusively from VMware vCenter.

“In today’s complex IT infrastructure landscape we need to simplify the stack, reduce costs and stop the overlapping upgrade cycle of equipment. Simplification of the IT infrastructure is one of our top strategic priorities,” said Jim Chilton, CIO Americas, Dassault Systemes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company. “SimpliVity’s OmniCube has the potential to accomplish just that, by consolidating a comprehensive set of functionality into a simple, scalable building block. The underlying OmniStack architecture is the most promising IT technology since Virtualization. This can change the game for every IT leader.”

OmniCube is a simple to manage, 2U rack-mounted building block that delivers numerous storage, computing, and networking services for the virtual machine environment. Two or more OmniCube systems are deployed together to form an OmniCube Global Federation, a massively scalable pool of shared resources that enables efficient data movement, extensive scalability, and enterprise-class system availability–all managed globally from a single pane of glass.

Each OmniCube system comes standard with:

  • Simplified, extensive scale-out
  • Global, unified VM-centric management
  • Real-time in-line global deduplication and compression across entire data life-cycle, geographies and the Cloud
  • Bandwidth efficient, deduplicated and compressed replication
  • Advanced data protection: tunable RPO on per-VM basis
  • Low cost, easy to manage disaster recover
  • Public Cloud integration
  • Cache accelerated performance

“We have the technology. We can finally dramatically simplify IT infrastructure by assimilating all functionality, performance, protection, and availability into a single automated platform at the hands of the VM administrator,” said Doron Kempel, Chairman and CEO of SimpliVity Corporation. “Revolutions require a transformation of the underlying technology. Marketing hyperbole about convergence and repackaging of legacy products will not suffice. Three years ago we embarked upon the development of a new IT infrastructure stack that’s optimized around the VM admin. It is now debuting and will radically simplify IT infrastructure.”

SimpliVity has developed from the ground up a new IT infrastructure stack called OmniStack™, which includes numerous patent-pending innovations and delivers an entirely new and efficient way of managing IT, including storing, managing, protecting, and sharing data globally, including on the Public Cloud. Tuned for the needs of the 21st century, OmniStack encompasses broad functionality and a novel data architecture, in which all data is deduplicated and compressed at inception, once and forever, at fine-grain 4KB – 8KB data-sets; across nodes, data-centers, geographies, and the Public Cloud. The OmniCube Accelerator™, a PCIe module responsible for all of the intensive algorithm processing, ensures that the deduplication and compression can run inline with no impact on performance. The management and mobility of data in these very small data sets enables the assimilation of OmniCube’s core functionality—data mobility, resource sharing, intelligent caching, scalability, and high availability—into a single platform. Thus, OmniCube supplants the functionality of numerous traditional independent products with a simple, low cost, 2U package, resulting in enormous savings in capital costs and operating expenses, while significantly improving the management of the virtual machines and the business applications that depend on them.

“For 50 years we have architected infrastructure to fundamentally support a single application environment to the best of its abilities. We’ve made each piece faster, cheaper, and bigger – but basically always in support of silo’d applications. That simply is not the way virtual environments need to operate,” said Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “SimpliVity recognized that in order to deal with the mixed and mobile workload application environment of the virtual world what is required is the delivery of a new architecture, and that’s just what they’ve done— SimpliVity has delivered a new assimilated IT infrastructure stack inclusive of all compute, storage, data protection, and network optimization functionalities all at the VM level within vCenter. At last, the poor system administrators can get some sleep.”

Pricing for OmniCube begins at $54,990.

To date, SimpliVity has raised $18 million in capital from Accel Partners and Charles River Ventures. SimpliVity’s solutions and services are available through its expanding reseller and partner channel.

SimpliVity will be showcasing its groundbreaking technology at VMworld, August 26-30 at Booth #1117.

About SimpliVity Corporation
SimpliVity is a private company, established in 2009, with the mission of simplifying IT. Its novel, 10 patents pending technology, OmniStackTM, powers a new assimilated, IT infrastructure platform. SimpliVity’s OmniCube™ platform provides enterprise computing, storage services and network functionality, inclusive of WAN optimization, Unified Global Management, Seamless Cloud Integration, Primary Storage Deduplication, Backup Deduplication, Caching, Global Scale Out—all at a fraction of today’s traditional operating costs and with a game-changing reduction in complexity.