The Software-Defined Datacenter: the Future of IT

IT is under enormous pressure to deliver more value to the business. To meet the challenge, IT must embrace a datacenter platform free of traditionally complex and rigid infrastructure operations. IT needs infrastructure services recast as virtual software services that are automatically and dynamically configured to meet the needs of all application workloads. In short, IT needs a software-defined datacenter that delivers the peak of automation, flexibility and efficiency.

Please join us for an educational session on how the software-defined
datacenter delivers:
1) A single, unified platform for all applications, providing unprecedented flexibility, efficiency, and SLAs
2) Less maintenance, more innovation through automated provisioning, placement, configuration, and control based on defined policies, minimizing manual intervention
3) Greater simplicity, resource utilization and cost savings by replacing inflexible and complex proprietary hardware with efficient, adaptive infrastructure delivered as software across pools of standard x86 servers

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Source: The Software-Defined Datacenter: the Future of IT (Youtube).