Startforce – Web based approach to VDI

Startforce is the inventor of web based VDI breakthrough technology and is the first to bring that invention to the desktop virtualization market. Unlike traditional. Unlike traditional VDI solutions from VMWare and Citrix, Startforce's innovative web based approach to VDI delivers new values at unprecedented performance and cost of ownership. Our flagship product, Startforce Web Desktop, is written from the ground up with AJAX techniques and a true SaaS multi-tenanted architecture. This is the same technique used by Salesforce and Google Apps. Our UI resembles a familiar Windows user interface with a full desktop experience and capabilities. You can login to Startforce Web Desktop from just about any browser out there with blazing fast performance. Some of the biggest most forward looking companies have successfully adopted Startforce for their VDI needs. Industry leaders have already viewed us as a better, faster, lower cost VDI alternative to VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop. But seeing is believing. You can instantly try us out now by clicking the "Live Demo" button. Startforce is the VDI solution that just works. Don't settle for less, stick with the best. Startforce Web Desktop.