Startforce VS Traditional VDI

Traditional VDI solutions from VMware and Citrix use proprietary RDP and ICA protocols to transfer pixels and mouse clicks back and forth between server and their proprietary player. This always results in poor performance and consumes enormous bandwidth. In contrary, Startforce breakthrough web based VDI technology uses standard HTTPS protocol and AJAX techniques to deliver virtual desktops to standard web browsers. No plugin, no download and no install. Just plug in the URL and login to your virtual desktop. AJAX stands for asynchronous javascript which means requests are only sent to server when necessary. As a result, our performance is blazing fast no matter where you login from, over WAN or LAN, or even Wifi and 3G mobile networks. Want to deploy VDI to 3G enabled Apple iPad or HP Slate? Want to deploy VDI to remote offices in India and China? If yes, the answer is Startforce Web Desktop. Startforce is the VDI solution that just works. Don't settle for less, stick with the best. Startforce Web Desktop.
Source: Startforce VS Traditional VDI (Youtube).

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