StorMagic Releases SvSAN 5 for Multi-site Branch Office Environments

StorMagic®, a leading provider of enterprise class virtual storage for virtual-server environments, today announced the release of a new version of SvSAN™, a storage virtual appliance (SVA). SvSAN 5 is the first SVA solution that has been developed specifically for large multi-site branch office environments with automated scripted deployment capabilities.

SvSAN 5 boasts a new streamlined interface to enable faster, simplified deployment and management of shared storage. Organizations seeking StorMagic’s familiar single-pane-of-glass management can continue to easily manage SvSAN 5 from within VMware’s vCenter.

“SvSAN 5 is an attractive solution to large organizations because it simplifies and lowers the costs of deploying and managing shared storage in their branch office and remote sites,” explains StorMagic CEO, Hans O’Sullivan. “SvSAN has always been developed with the needs of the branch office and centralized IT infrastructure in mind. We are thrilled with the enthusiastic response from our clients with this latest release.”

SvSAN 5 now provides IT administrators with automated deployment of SVAs and activation of VMware features through scripting. This automated scripted deployment functionality enables IT administrators to implement VMware high availability at multiple locations simultaneously from the central office with minimal impact on IT resources. StorMagic’s SvSAN 5 is currently the only SVA that enables scripted deployment and management of shared storage.

The inclusion of support for SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) in SvSAN 5 now enables the central office to monitor up to date information on SVA and Mirror statuses.

About StorMagic
StorMagic is a fast-growing provider of cost-effective storage management software solutions that simplify, automate, and manage data storage for virtual server environments, with an executive team of storage veterans from companies such as Adaptec, Xiotech, and Eurologic. StorMagic’s SvSAN has become the solution of choice in many large enterprises requiring cost effective and simple virtualization and high availability over multiple remote sites.