Streamlining Cloud Administration with Google Apps and SSO

The cloud is no longer just for early adopters, its becoming truly mainstream, leading IT professionals and senior management to devise cloud adoption strategies to help elevate their businesses to the next level of productivity. Cloud Sherpas is one of the world's leading cloud service providers and helps businesses navigate migrations to Google Apps and leverage the full Google platform. Okta is the leading provider of true cloud SSO solutions, integrating with over 1000 cloud and on-premise applications to help businesses truly streamline administration and user management of different applications, no matter where you are in your cloud strategy. Join Cloud Sherpas' VP of Technology David Hoff and Okta's Director of Product Management Michael Feiertag for this recorded webinar where we discussed: – Cloud adoption trends – Leading cloud messaging platforms – Integrating with on-premise user management systems – Putting the pieces together If you are interested in a solution involving Google Apps and Okta, or either independently, contact the Sherpas at 888-260-7660 or [email protected] and we can discuss you needs and how we can help.