SyncE Capability Introduced in the 10 GE AMC Packet Processor Network Adapter

Interphase Corporation, a leading global provider of solutions for converged communications networks, introduces the new synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) capability in its technology-leading 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) AdvancedMC™ (AMC) packet processor, the iSPAN® 36MC2 10 GE OCTEON™ Packet Processor AMC. With its SyncE capabilities, the 36MC2 can support accurate network timing synchronization for communications applications such as voice and video services in wireless access networks.

“Integrated SyncE puts our iSPAN 36MC2 customers ahead of the market with their wireless media products,” said Randall McComas, vice president of global sales for Interphase. “This essential addition to the Interphase portfolio of Gigabit Ethernet (GE) multicore packet processors shows how our off-the-shelf COTS solutions help equipment manufacturers.”

The iSPAN 36MC2 is designed to provide intelligent network interfaces for application platforms which need to connect to high-speed Ethernet networks. It features a Cavium OCTEON Plus (56xx) processor at up to 600 MHz with 8, 10 or 12 cores.

Two hardware configurations are available, supporting:

  • Line monitoring for routing, inspection, and traffic capture through the 2 front panel 10 GE SFP+ interfaces
  • Pass through mode with a single 10 GE SFP+ module and a XAUI connection at the AMC connector, offering a secure access point for data arriving and leaving a system. Ideal for integration on an AdvancedTCA® (ATCA) switch blade offering XAUI to an AMC site.
  • Protocol and security processing offload by processing the 10 GE traffic stream entering or leaving the application platform through the front panel 10 GE SFP+ interface
  • Software toolkits such as 6WIND 6WINDGate™ for embedded networking

The iSPAN 36MC2 is ideal for usage in a wide variety of application platforms including:

  • Access Service Network (ASN) gateways and base station controllers in wireless networks
  • Radio network controllers
  • Packet access gateways and gateway GPRS service nodes in wideband-CDMA 3G/HSPA/LTE networks
  • Multimedia, security, and VPN appliances
  • Communications applications in wireless access networks

For an in-person look at the iSPAN 36MC2, visit the Cavium suite #2726 at 4G World 2011, October 24-27 in Chicago.