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Introduction to Desktop VIrtualization

Introduction to Desktop VIrtualization Save time and keep your users productive and happy with desktop virtualization.



NRG-150 VDI.flv

NRG-150 VDI.flv NRG-150 VDI

The Benefits of Virtualization

The Benefits of Virtualization Learn more about virtualization by watching our short Flash tutorial. Use this non-technical tutorial to help your adm...

Virtualization Security

Virtualization Security

MDTi Cloud Computing Suite

MDTi Cloud Computing Suite MDT Innovations introduces Cloud Computing Server Suite that employs virtualization of computers on a single machine rangi...

Cloud Computing Made Easy

Cloud Computing Made Easy The cloud computing concept should not be that complicated. Here is cloud computing 101 according to these 4 lovely childre...

5 Reasons Not to Use Virtualization

5 Reasons Not to Use Virtualization www.inetu.net With all of the talk about virtualization lately, many organizations are ready to pick up everythin...

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