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Just Another Virtualization Bake-off

Just Another Virtualization Bake-off Tired of vendors that don't understand your requirements, don't care, or just want to sell you what they...

HP outlasts Dell in bidding war for 3PAR

US computer giant Hewlett-Packard emerged the winner on Thursday in a bidding war with Dell for 3PAR after raising its offer for the data storage company to 33 dollars per share or 2.35 billion dollars. HP and 3PAR make a "winning combination," HP executive vice president Dave Donatelli said in a joint statement confirming the deal was done and had been approved by boards of directors at both firms.

PathView Cloud Recognized for Best Use of Cloud Delivery

Apparent Networks, a leading provider of network performance assessment and monitoring solutions, today announced that PathView Cloud, its cloud-based remote performance management solution was awarded “Best Use of Cloud Delivery” by the Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Radar.

Virtualization & Vulnerability: Changing Server Market in Economic Downturn

Modest industry spending rebound leaves Oracle at its weakest point in recent history; Dell makes a rating jump. TheInfoPro, an independent research and advisory company for the IT industry, today released its latest server study, which yields some surprising results.

Converged Storage Networks from Storage Engine

Storage Engine, Inc. (SEI), announces the addition of converged networking fabrics to its open storage connectivity solutions for virtualized data centers and private cloud deployments. Based upon open standards for Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE), Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FcOE), RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), and iSCSI extensions for RDMA (iSER)...

Virtualization Championship UM Moscow W 3

Virtualization Championship UM Moscow W 3

VMware Mobile Virtualization demo

VMware Mobile Virtualization demo Demo of VMware Mobile Virtualization at VMworld Europe 2009, Cannes. This was on a Nokia N800. Please note that alt...

Multicore and Virtualization

Multicore and Virtualization How multi-core processors are opening new possibilities for virtualization.

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