Technical tutorial for virtual systems backup and recovery

This feature brief is primarily intended to assist technical personnel as they design and implement Backup Exec and the Agent for VMware Virtual infrastructure, and make related decisions. Additionally, the business value of the Backup Exec Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure (referred to commonly as the VMware Agent in this document) and the licensing of the VMware Agent will be touched upon lightly in this feature brief.

For step-by-step instructions on installing and configuring Backup Exec or the Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure, consult the Backup Exec Administrator’s Guide.

This feature brief will help technical personnel as they make design and implementation decisions for Backup

Exec and the Agent for VMware through the exploration of the following topics:

  • How Backup Exec integrates with the VMware platform
  • Technical requirements of certain key features
  • Best practices
  • Pitfalls and things to avoid
  • Performance factors
  • Agent limitations
  • Example configurations
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