Top Considerations for Cloud, Virtualization and Security

Virtualization and cloud computing are all finding their way into today’s IT environments. More than before, small and medium enterprises are now looking into cloud and virtualization solutions to help meet business goals. With this new technological movement come some very important considerations to ensure optimal infrastructure efficiency. Security, sizing, management, and deployment methodologies must all be adopted for the platform to be successful. These considerations must be well planned out and understood prior to any environment rollout.

The concept of cloud computing has penetrated numerous IT boardrooms and has dominated many conversations. More IT organizations are now looking to the cloud to help meet business goals and increase IT efficiencies. In conjunction with cloud computing, is the concept of virtualization. Today’s modern IT environment has in some way tested with, deployed or utilized virtualization. Many companies are looking at ways to utilize both cloud computing and virtualization all under one umbrella.

As more organizations take the leap into cloud computing, there have to be some core considerations revolving around this technology. Prior to any deployment, there needs to be an understanding of what these technologies can do and how they can affect a given environment. No technology is without its challenges and this involves both cloud computing and virtualization.

This whitepaper aims to examine how cloud computing has evolved and where these considerations come into play. We will explore the concept of designing a secure and efficient virtualization environment, which will be capable of scaling with the needs of the organization. Specifically, this whitepaper will cover the following major topics:

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