VAPP1224 – Applications Using Oracle on vSphere Customer Success Stories Panel – Panel Video

The latest installment of the series of “Oracle on vSphere” panel sessions which has included the elite partner panel of 2011 and the Customer Success Stories Panel of 2013 this panel will focus on the Applications that run Oracle on vSphere. With a focus on Cloud Architectures and therefore the inclusion of these important applications within a broad Software Defined Datacenter approach the customers will elaborate on the particulars of their impressive individual successes. The session will include an extensive range of popular applications to include SAP, Oracle EBS, Oracle Identity Management and others. This session will consist of the moderator Don Sullivan questioning customers such as Conagra (SAP Supply Chain), First National Bank of Nebraska (Oracle Identity Management), Indiana University (PeopleSoft) and others of equal status TBS, regarding how they have successfully implemented their respective Business Critical Applications on Oracle on vSphere. These customers will reveal significant and “up-close” details pertinent to those success stories.