SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.: Virtuon announced today it has unveiled a Virtual Application service based on cloud computing and virtualization technology. The new service allows software developers to put their applications immediately in the cloud as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering with no development or rewrite effort.

Subscription-based business software available from the cloud is growing at a significant pace. Traditionally, software developers have had to rewrite the framework of their application for it to function in a SaaS cloud or portal. Exorbitant SaaS conversion costs and time-consuming efforts have been road blocks for many developers wanting to make the journey to the cloud. “The ease of use and functionality of Virtuon’s Virtual Application platform is a great benefit to our company,” said Scott Cedarleaf, Director of SkyBucket3D. “Our company is transitioning to iPads, Tablet PCs and other mobile devices as we eliminate bulky laptops. This product has convenient access to critical applications and it is the future of doing business.”

Virtuon’s service platform completes the process for developers as all they have to do is install their application in Virtuon’s service. “This is the fast-track to the cloud developers have been waiting for,” said Forrest Blair, CEO of Virtuon. “Cloud porting and conversion costs have been eliminated.”

The service also brings new life to old applications. Older 32-bit Windows applications loaded on Virtuon’s Virtual Application service are fully functional for users with 64-bit Windows, MAC, and iPad devices. “Many developers are struggling over the thought of abandoning older applications that are no longer supported on the newer platforms. “Our Virtual Application platform gives new life to old apps,” said Blair.

Virtuon has built its service on proprietary virtualization technology and the offering comes from work at Virtuon’s cloud computing and virtualization center located at Scottsdale’s SkySong innovation complex. The company is offering free trials of the service. For more information, visit their website at or by calling the company toll-free at 877-298-2083.

Virtuon is a computer systems service provider that specializes in virtualization, business continuity, and cloud computing. The company’s infrastructure solutions include consultation, data center services, and hardware and software products supported by a team of expert certified engineers. The company deploys a virtualized or private cloud infrastructure complete to the desktop, enabling scalability, flexibility and agility for any business. Virtuon has established a reputation for quality of service, expertise, and experience implementing a breadth of hardware and software solutions.

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