Vision Net, a Montana-based communications technology solutions provider, announced today that it will begin offering customers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) based on Cisco’s CloudVerse® cloud delivery framework. The move places Vision Net at the forefront of cloud computing service providers in the Northwest region.

Vision Net CEO Rob Ferris says there is significant demand for the technology. “As more companies seek out cloud computing to meet their data storage and other needs, we’re seeing an increased demand for faster, more user-friendly programs,” he says. “With IaaS businesses can go online and in a matter of minutes build the cloud experience that best meets their needs, while still having the full support and service of the Vision Net team and the testing of Cisco CloudVerse behind them.”

Cisco CloudVerse® is a framework that combines the foundational elements needed to enable organizations to build, manage and connect public, private and hybrid clouds. CloudVerse combines these key cloud elements – Unified Data Center, Cloud Intelligent Network, and Cloud Applications and Services – enabling businesses to realize improved agility, better economics and enhanced security.

Datalink, a leading provider of data center infrastructure and services, played a key role in the Vision Net upgrade. “Datalink possesses a wealth of industry knowledge that allowed them to fully assess our business requirements,” says Ferris. “They then designed a solution enabling us to fully meet our clients’ ever-changing tech needs.” Datalink will continue to play a key role as Vision Net begins installation and implementation in the coming weeks.

About Cloud Computing
In simple terms, a cloud is an on-demand, virtual technology that allows easy access to off-site computing, networking, storage, servers, management solutions and business applications. It enables companies to increase both hardware and software offerings at significantly lower cost.

In practical terms, it means Montana businesses, government entities, and utilities will have access to IaaS for cloud computing resources on-demand. For example, a customer needs additional web servers and email. Rather than invest in costly software and equipment, they will contract with Vision Net to provide these services, virtually. Vision Net’s system is geo-diverse and fully redundant, meaning it’s duplicated in both the company’s Great Falls and Billings locations.

“The IaaS model allows businesses to continually access the latest and most relevant technology without the cost and downtime normally associated with purchase and installation,” says Ferris. “It’s absolutely the way of the future and we’re thrilled to partner with Cisco and Datalink to bring this technology to Montana.”

Vision Net offers a full range of data, voice and video networking applications: broadband network transport via SONET, MPLS, IP and Ethernet; worldwide videoconferencing; direct Internet access and customized wide-area network management.