VMware Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (VSP1823)

VMware Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) technology enables automated management of virtual disks across storage devices, thus eliminating the tedious task of managing space and I/O load across a group of storage devices. Storage DRS technology provides intelligent initial placement and dynamic load balancing by using VMware Storage vMotion to manage virtual disks between datastores. In addition, affinity and anti-affinity rules support ensures expressive business rules are respected by Storage DRS at all times. Datastore maintenance mode further increases operational efficiencies. Storage DRS extends and works with the popular VMware vSphere 4.1 storage I/O control feature to provide end-to-end resource management for storage. Storage DRS is analogous to VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler, which uses VMware vMotion for CPU and memory load balancing. This session will provide a historical background of the problem space in storage management and explain how Storage DRS solves the major operational inefficiencies. We will also provide a roadmap and solicit feedback on further improvements. The presentation will build upon the highly rated TA 7805 tech preview talk at VMworld 2010.

Speaker: Anne Holler, Eurocontrol