VMware vMotion in VMware vSphere 5: Architecture, Performance & Best Practices (VSP2122)

The new and improved VMware vMotion in VMware vSphere 5.0 incorporates a number of enhancements that leverage the power of the solid state drive and 10 gigabit Ethernet technologies that are increasingly adopted in today's datacenters. These enhancements vastly improve both the usability and performance of vMotion. Testing in VMware performance labs shows it is easier than ever to use vMotion to manage even large virtual machines running heavy-duty, enterprise-class applications with minimal overhead. This session will describe the vMotion architecture and the new and enhanced features of vMotion in vSphere 5.0. Performance implications with data from a wide variety of tier 1 application workloads will also be discussed. We will share common pitfalls as well as best practices that enable you to get the maximum benefit from the new and improved vMotion technology.

Speaker: Sreekanth Setty, ePlus Technology