VMworld 2013: Session VSVC5280 – DRS: New Features, Best Practices and Future Directions

DRS is a flagship feature of VMware vSphere and is heavily deployed by enterprise customers for zero-touch management of clusters. It allows vSphere administrators to easily provision VMs, load-balance resource demand in a cluster, manage resource pools and enforce business rules. With each new release, more features are added to DRS to address key customer requests and enable new use cases. In addition, DRS continues to integrate with other, new, VMware products and features to enhance their value and handle cross-host issues. In this session, join Aashish Parikh from DRS engineering to get an insiders' view of some key DRS concepts such as VM entilement, load-balancing and metric-selection. Learn about the newest DRS features and see how these handle specific customer pain-points. Let DRS engineering help you with best practices and guidelines to configure advanced DRS options (for expert and experienced users). Finally, take a sneak-peek into DRS labs and check out future directions for the product such as predicting and handling demand spikes proactively and the beginnings of Network DRS.