VMworld 2014 MGT2525 – Extending vRealize Automation Center Requests with vRealize Orchestrator

MGT2525 – Chasing the White Rabbit all the Way to Wonderland: Extending vCloud Automation Center Requests with vCenter Orchestrator
Speakers: Kim Ranyard – Solution Architect, VMware
Naomi Sullivan – Group Product Line Manager, VMware

As any IT professional knows, being able to provision systems in a consistent manner, reliably, is the holy grail. Most organizations have tasks they are performing during various stages of provisioning, but these things are, in many instances, manual. While that can be a great starting point, this approach does not scale and routinely falls victim to human error. However for environments that leverage vCAC, there is a way to scale, be consistent and to automate all aspects of the Cloud life cycle. We will explore the symbiotic relationship between vCAC and vCO, and how the information being stored in vCAC can be used to power workflows within vCO in a production environment to eliminate the guesswork and dramatically reduce errors in provisioning and life cycle requests.