If you are new to vmware and are using vSphere client to connect to newly deployed ESXi server, you may see an error message similar to this:

The server ‘http://ip-address-of-the-server’ could not interpret the client’s request
(the remote server returned an error: (404) not found)

error stack:
Call “ServiceInstance.RetrieveContent” for object “ServiceInstance” on Server “ip-address-of-the-server” failed.

Screenshot of the Error:

The likely cause here is the HTTP:// in the IP Address / Name: field of the vSphere client. When using vSphere client, you should use the IP ADDRESS or the NAME of the server (if DNS is configured correctly) without the “http://”

If you prefer using http then you may use HTTPS://IP-Address-of-the-server to connect using vSphere client.

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