X1 Discovery Teams with AWS to Provide eDiscovery and Search in the IaaS Cloud

X1 Discovery, Inc., a leading enterprise eDiscovery and search software company supporting the cloud and the enterprise, today announced the availability of X1 Rapid Discovery through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solution Provider program. X1 Discovery is the first enterprise eDiscovery company to fully leverage the cloud architecture of AWS by uniquely being able to install and operate in an AWS customer’s IaaS cloud environment. An X1 Rapid Discovery Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is now available in the AWS directory, thus providing for the automated and expedient installation of X1 Rapid Discovery directly into the AWS cloud.

This means that AWS clients can now perform powerful on-demand search and eDiscovery of their data within their AWS environments worldwide without first exporting their data out of the cloud. Additionally, law firms and other eDiscovery professionals can now conduct early case assessment (ECA) and first pass review in their own instance of the AWS cloud, as opposed to transferring their client’s data to a vendor’s dedicated SaaS installation for cloud-based eDiscovery.

According to Barry Murphy, principal analyst at eDiscovery Journal, “X1 Rapid Discovery is built to be deployed in Cloud environments where there tend to be heterogeneous infrastructure elements. The system is not tightly wound to third party hardware so it can be decoupled so as to scale out and be virtualized more easily.” Murphy continues, “Perhaps most interesting to me is the work X1 Discovery has done to get into the Amazon AWS ISV program…X1 Discovery is really striking first.”

“We are pleased to team with Amazon Web Services to provide much needed enterprise eDiscovery and search directly within the AWS cloud environment through the innovation of X1 Rapid Discovery version 4,” says X1 Discovery’s CEO, John Patzakis. “Amazon’s criteria for entry into the Solutions Provider program is very comprehensive but it demonstrates that we meet all the requirements of a true IaaS cloud solution,” Patzakis continues. X1 Discovery is the first enterprise eDiscovery solution for collection and early case assessment to be demonstrably deployable and effectively operational in the IaaS cloud.

About X1 Rapid Discovery
With X1 Rapid Discovery, organizations can quickly access, search, triage and collect their data in their existing cloud environments, without having to first export that data; thereby transforming how organizations address the challenges of search, collection and analysis of cloud-based data. While other eDiscovery products require migrating or even shipping your data to the vendor tools, X1 Rapid Discovery is a hardware-independent software solution that uniquely installs and operates on demand where your data currently resides.

Benefits of X1 Rapid Discovery

  • Designed for virtualized environments and to scale out. Other eDiscovery solutions are mostly amalgams of OEM technology and monolithic architecture, preventing true virtualization and unsuited for the cloud.
  • Installs remotely in a matter of minutes, in the cloud or in your enterprise, without costly and rigid hardware requirements. This provides unique portability for immediate search and data investigation requirements.
  • Quickly search and cull up to terabytes of data stored within your enterprise or in the cloud, without ever exporting that data from its native environment.
  • Non-appliance solution with a simple flat fee licensing model and no GB processing fees.
  • Intuitive web user interface with matter centric work-flow for eDiscovery and enterprise search.

For more information about X1 Rapid Discovery, visit http://www.x1discovery.com/rapid_discovery.html or contact Cathryn Goodman by phone at 626-229-3071 or by email at [email protected]

About X1 Discovery, Inc.
X1 Discovery offers next generation eDiscovery and enterprise search solutions specifically designed for IT, electronic discovery and legal professionals. Built upon the market leading X1 search solution for business professionals, X1 Discovery delivers eDiscovery that provides a platform for social media eDiscovery and effectively supports investigations of cloud-based data. X1 Discovery was founded by Idealab, a creator and operator of technology businesses, and is powered by award winning and patented X1 Search Technology for business professionals.