AWS Webcast – Amazon EC2 Container Service Deep Dive

Container technology, particularly Docker, has been very popular over the last year. At AWS, our customers have been running Linux containers at scale for several years, and we are increasingly seeing customers adopt Docker, especially as they build loosely coupled distributed applications. However, to do so, they have had to run their own cluster management solutions, deal with configuration management, and manage their containers and associated metadata. We believe that those capabilities should be a core building block technology, just like Amazon EC2. Amazon EC2 Container Service is a new AWS service that makes it easy to run and manage Docker-enabled distributed applications across a managed cluster of Amazon EC2 instances. EC2 Container Service allows you to define, schedule, and stop sets of containers, provides you complete cluster state information, and allows you to scale your applications without worrying about cluster or configuration management. In this session, we will discuss why we built EC2 Container Service, explain some of the core concepts, and walk you through how you can use the service for your applications.